me cago en tu opinión - I shit on your opinion
me cago en la leche de tú opinión - I shit in the milk of your opinion (you might have noticed this one cropping up from time to time in FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS by Hemmingway...probably only if you read it, though).

This is something that has a bit of mystique surrounding it for me, because my mother, although she is proud of her occasionally foul mouth and new york demeanor, has never been this wicked. But if you really wanna take it out of the little bastard, this is a mother-to-child insult taught to my by the son of my host mother, when I asked him about "me cago en la leche..."

it goes:

me cago en la leche que te di - I shit on the milk I gave you

Another family insult comes to us from Mexican author Juan Rulfo's immortal tale "no oyes ladrar los perros" (you don't hear the dogs barking?)

"He maldecido la sangre que usted tiene de mí." - I have cursed the blood I gave you (this of course was after the kid killed his own godfather on the highway)

and he follows that little zinger up with

Que se le pudra en los riñones la sangre que yo le di! - may it rot your kidneys, the blood I gave you!

Burn!!! crabby old man 2, mortally wounded highwayman nothing! Fuck, it feels good to land a few punches (puñetazos)

I bet the little shit will think twice about murdering his godfather next time, huh?
Kids, huh? I tell ya.

Tune in next week and we'll find out why Spanish mothers are so freaking dignified-looking.
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