I've got a lawsuit against Brown & Willliamson now. Because I have been chain-smoking Pall Malls since I was 11. And on their package they promised to kill me.
-The formerly-not-late Kurt Vonnegut (2004 in www.spokesmanreview.com/)

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Oh yeah? Well sometimes it's a big brown dick with a fat, arrogant, white-collar business-criminal asshole sucking on the wet end of it."
-George Carlin (You're All Diseased; Atlantic Records, 1999)

"Let me attain no envied wealth,
let me not plunder cities,
neither be taken in turn, and face
life in the power of another."
-Clytaemnestra (Agamemnon; Aeschylus; trans: Richmond Lattimore)

The Philolexian Society invites you, cordially, to the first debate of the semester!

Resolved: The detrimental health affects of smoking do not out-weigh how cool you look doing it.

Come to:
JD Satow room (fifth floor of Lerner Hall)
8:30 PM
September 13
Refreshments to precede the meeting.
Old and new members welcome alike.

Be there. All the cool kids are doing it .


...and that's DOCTOR Whippersnapper to you!

Quamquam Ridentem Dicere Verum, Quid Vetat?
-Horace (Satires)

The Man who never alters his opinion is like standing water & breeds reptiles of the mind.
-William Blake (The Marriage of Heaven and Hell)
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