Do you remember the
day we met? You
might; it was not so long ago to forget
easy easy— isn’t it odd
how the more television we watch,
that our minds, once deeply crevassed
now become slick and smooth;
water beading, sliding off like a car
racing down a highway to more highway.
and your mind—it’s calm
only when the gears change
in that magical moment
peace while the world rattles
about you.

Do you remember how
on television, we watched
that day
temperature, hostage countdowns,
the national debt, baby counts—
all sorts of things rising.
While flipping the channels,
we noted how the world’s getting
faster, harder, scarier, deadlier,
but also so slick and pretty to watch
But as the windows proliferate,
the walls, they grow and grow,
SO high and so thick,
That we need to punch to embrace,
I need to kill to say hello.

Do you remember the
day we met? You
brushed my shoulder, knocking my coke
from my hands,
and I said I’m sorry.

~jss 6/07
The Philolexian Society
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