To me my holy men!
Let us smear our souls messily
across the sky.
Dip in fingers and wipe
on tunics, modestly cut, revealing
only our crafty beauty.
We be not famous. We
slip unseen back to anonymous realms
like dolphins from their arcs of motion.
And yet We will live
forever & more for Death can not
silence the echoes of unknown caverns.
We burn, propulsory jets in
the stratosphere. We disappear.
We are never done.
We scamper down busy
streets. Desperation clinging to
every step. Raindrop eyes glance
off teflon men, and We go through
life unknown.
We yearn for contact,
the beauty of an earnest
embrace, or a deeply planted,
"fuck you."
We will travel to the end of time
and record every name.
We will never be remembered.
You will never be forgot.

~jss, 2/11/05
The Philolexian Society
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