Going through evolution
One step at a time Ok, so this poem isn't actually one of my own creation. It's one of my favorite childhood poems regarding love (from the book Sing a Song of Popcorn). I memorized it a while back, and it's stuck with me since.

There's someone I know
Whom I simply can't stand
I wish he would bury
His head in the sand

Or move to the moon
Or deep outer space
Whenever I see him
I make a weird face

Then one day at recess
Outside in the yard
He suddenly gave me
A Valentine's card

I wish that he hadn't
It made me upset
It's the prettiest one
I could possibly get

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A cantankerous old shit Fill in the blanks after these lines:

Fulminations of a Geezer in training:

I just read a post on a blog (because the world is my luscious oyster) that quoted at length the first page of Robert Penn Warren's fantastipiece All the King's Men. One problem, though: it edited out the word nigger. Twice, if memory serves.

This, I think, is as good a time as any (since it's the most egregious example of editing and the most egregious of words being edited) to lay down some law--but first, the rest of the story: to be fair, he mentioned that the selection had been edited for content, because that's what you do to masterful novels.

Now--the law to be laid down is this: it's perfectly ok by the laws of our society to change the words of a novel if he SAYS he's doing so--heck, it's ok to appropriate them as his own even if he doesn't say he's doing so. After all--good poets borrow; great poets steal. CAVEAT EMPTOR: your version has to be better. If your version (as this was) is just a spineless, fearful scratching-out of something you're terrified might hurt someone's feelings (because deep down, the racist in you, clawing its way to the surface, makes you jerk your knees against apparent instances of racism in others) then you, sir, are a tool and should be put back on your nail in the shed, where you belong. Censorship is ignorance; ignorance is prejudice; prejudice, while often unavoidable, is not something of which to be proud. I just read a post in a different blog (because my life is a rich, full fucking oyster. It quoted the first page of Robt. Penn Warren's fantastipiece All the King's Men. Hello,

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