in honor of pagan festival hallmark-a-thon day, a love poem from when i was a better person.

for ariela

Each morning has within
a region nestled between evening and day,
between dream and wake
and each morning, I awake,
trembling with the sole intention of meeting you there.
To see your face clear as the day about to come,
to sense your pulse through your skin.

In dreams, my intentions are laid bare,
and they burn with a fire found
when my thoughts are turned to you.

My Only Desire is to Awake in You Desire.
To feel reciprocation flow through your body
like breath,
and follow its path from deep within you
out to me.
For love to stem from your fingertips and
trace secret messages, in dream speak,
on my skin.
In dreams, our hands join to become
something greater that flies
away with the dawn.


Each morning I will find you again
in dreams, in love,
I will find you in the inbetweens.
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