This week I played a game similar to Oracle with my students - or at least, I tried. The youngest ones didn't fully grasp the concept, and the oldest wrote belligerent nonsense about each other.

Here's a transcript of a game I played with a third-grade girl. She's rather flighty, and about 75% likely to be thinking about food at any given time. So it's not too surprising that she not only misunderstood the game (we were supposed to continue each others' sentences), but was obviously hungry at the time. My sections are in blue; hers are red. I've preserved her errors for archival purposes.

Once upon a time there was a horse with two

haVe BaTs in iT.

have a funny aftertaste, but they're worth it if you're


We are abouT To go inTo The Ping Pong rooM

likes to run and jump and skip and launder her pet

CaMel has A faT humP

helped me overcome my fear of


Mrs mical is giganTic

time! Everybody get out your copy of "Jerry and the Manic


We need Kleenex or will geT sik

M Cheese
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