I have been absent from home and my computer and my bed and my husband for the past week. Have been having a wonderful time in Quebec City, Canada, for the past week. I fly out this afternoon and should arrive home around 9 pm tonight, so don't look for me too early in the morning. It has been crazy here, not much time for computer...I didn't bring mine with me and sharing a community computer with 30 others has not worked for me. So, in the last minutes before the taxi arrives, the computer is free - thus a few words with no photos. I'm afraid my Louisiana photos won't transmit from Canada!

Folks in our group were from all over the US. Great fun making so many new friends. Anyway....I was asked the question this morning if I set up web sites for others. And my response was I cut my own fabric, but I won't cut yours!

I promise lots of photos when I get home, but they'll be published in English only! French is a beautiful language and the language of choice for 80% of the Quebec population, but I only learned two new words this week - Hello and (since the cab is waiting for me) Goodbye

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