by Misha Solomon CC'14

There is a stove in the kitchen

There is a kettle on the stove T

here is water in the kettle

The water is getting hot

So very hot

So very hot

So very hot

So very loud

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee goes the water

There is a counter in the kitchen

There is a marble countertop on the counter

There is a mug on the marble countertop

I pour the water

The water which had gone weeeeeeeeee

Into the mug

I look deep into the water

And I see you

You are the water

You are so pure

So necessary

So clear

So wet

The water is one part oxygen

You are a breath of fresh air

The water is two parts hydrogen

You use peroxide in your hair

But you are missing something

There is a pantry in the kitchen

There is a shelf in the pantry

There is a box of teabags on the shelf

I take out a teabag

And put it in the tea

I put my teabag in the tea.

I give the water

So plain

So bland

So flavorless

So odorless

So colorless

So watery

I give it flavor

I give it color

I am the teabag

And I realize what you are missing

You are just water

But you need to be tea

You need flavor

You need color

You need odor

You need my teabag

Inside you

I need to put my teabag inside of you

Deep inside your watery self

You need my teabag

I need to teabag you.

We need to make tea.

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