The sun is finally out and proud in Toronto, which has seen nothing but sopping wet and cold for what seems like years and years. I'm out in my side-yard, translating the first book of the Republic and watching the ivy bloom—yes, Philos, that self-same ivy made famous in my lascivious LitEx delivered in April of this past semester. There's also a hot latte involved. Basically, heaven.

Speaking of heaven, here's more of the Spring 2011 issue of Surgam! When Olivia Jackson CC'12's submission turned up in the submit2surgam inbox, I was simply chuffed that she'd have thought to publish such a splendid work with us.


by Olivia Jackson


each morning you anoint my head with kisses, yet

i am convinced that as you watch me,

with a careful eye,

as i slide beneath myself

you will grow weary, and prematurely old

and your careful eyes will wander

looking for new bodies

to slide beneath.


i'm nomadic by nature.

inexplicable to all, and especially to me,

i know only that something in me moves me

to feel the need to move.

so it should not surprise you that i cannot stay.


i am in love with you. holding

your hand in a garden.

trembling terrified i am

naked in your presence

and i am ashamed.

Surgam is sponsored in part through the generosity and vision of the fine folks at the Columbia Arts Initiative. This funding is made possible through a generous gift from the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.

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