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Manuscripts Under Review

Purdie-Vaughns, V., Walton, G., & Romero-Canyas, R. (revise and resubmit). The structure of equality: Group versus case-by-case selection decisions and demographic diversity. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Purdie-Vaughns, V., Eibach, R., & Camp, N. (under review). Intersectional Invisibility and the Experience of Ontological Exclusion: The Case of Black Gay Christians. In J. Sorrett (Ed), The Sexual Politics of the Black Church.

Cook, J. E., Purdie-Vaughns, V. & Meyer, I. (under review). Rethinking how stigma affects population health: Interventions that work. Social Science and Medicine, Special Issue on Stigma.

Purdie-Vaughns, V., Cook, J. E., Cohen, G. L., Sumner, R., Garcia, J., & Apfel, N. (under review). A wrinkle in time: Transformational nature of the 2008 presidential election on adolescents’ long-term motivation and achievement.

Manuscripts in Preparation

Cook, J. E., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Garcia, J., Taborsky-Barba, S., Tomassetti, S., & Davis, E. (in prep). A randomly-assigned values-intervention reduces body mass in response to stereotype threat.

Purdie-Vaughns, V., Reddy, K., Cook, J. E., Garcia, J., & Cohen, G. L. (in prep). Affirming the self versus a threatened group: Implications for long-term performance.

Romero-Canyas, R., Camp, N., & Purdie-Vaughns, V. (in prep). The differential costs of a divided self: Compartmentalization and negative health outcomes among those with concealable stigmas. To be submitted to Journal of Social Issues: Special issue on stigma and concealment.



Yeager, D., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Hooper, S.Y., & Cohen, G. L. (2017). Loss of Institutional Trust Among Racial and Ethnic Minority Adolescents: A Consequence of Procedural Injustice and a Cause of Life-Span Outcomes. Child Development. | download pdf

Ditlmann, R.K., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Dovidio, J.F., & Naft, M.J. (2017). The Implicit Power Motive in Intergroup Dialogues About the History of Slavery. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. | download pdf


Williams, D. R., & Purdie-Vaughns, V. (2016). Needed interventions to reduce disparities in health. Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. | download pdf

Powers, J. E., Cook, J. E., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Garcia, J., Apfel, N. & Cohen, G. L. (2016). Changing environments by changing individuals: The hidden potential of psychological interventions. Psychological Science. | download pdf

Brady, S., Reeves, S. L., Garcia, J., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Cook, J. E., Taborsky-Barba, S., Tomasetti, S., Davis, E., & Cohen, G. L. (2016). The psychology of the affirmed actor: Spontaneous self-affirmation in the face of stress. Journal of Experimental Psychology-General. | download pdf

Spicer, J.*, Shimbo, D.*, Johnston, N., Harlapur, M., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Cook, J., Fu, J., Burg, M. M., & Wager, T. D. (2016). Prevention of stress-provoked endothelial injury by values affirmation: a proof of principle study. Annals of Behavioral Medicine.| download pdf

Layous, K., Davis, E.M., Garcia, J., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Cook, J.E., & Cohen, G.L. (2016). Feeling left out, but affirmed: Protecting against the negative effects of low belonging in college. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. | download pdf


Purdie-Vaughns, V., & Williams, D. R. (2015). Stand your ground is losing ground for racial minorities. Social Science & Medicine. | download pdf

Riddle, T., Bhagavatula, S., Guo, W., Muresan, S., Cohen, G. L., Cook, J. E., & Purdie-Vaughns, V. (2015). Mining a written values affirmation intervention to identify the unique linguistic features of stigmatized groups. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Educational Data Mining, 274-281. | download pdf

Mohr, R., & Purdie-Vaughns, V. (2015). Diversity within women of color: Why experiences change felt stigma. Sex Roles, 73(9), 391-398. | download pdf

Williams, D. R., & Purdie-Vaughns, V. (2015). Social and behavioral interventions to improve health and reduce disparities in health. (pp. 51-68). In R.M. Kaplan, M.L. Spittel & D.H. David (Eds.), Population Health: Behavioral and Social Science Insights, NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research. | download pdf

Chen, C.Y., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Phelan, J. C., Yu, G., & Yang, L.H. (2015).  Racial and Mental Illness Stereotypes and Discrimination: And Identity-Based Analysis of the Virginia Tech and Columbine Shootings. Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology. | download pdf


Ditlmann, R. K., Wright, E., & Purdie-Vaughns, V. (2014). Organizational and individual colorblind approaches to past injustice. (pp. 93-118). In V. Plaut, K. Thomas & M. Tran (Eds.), Diversity Ideologies in Organizations. Lawrenze Erlbaum Associates. | download pdf

Cook, J. E. Purdie-Vaughns, V., Meyer, I., & Busch, J.T.A. (2014). Intervening within and across levels: A multilevel approach to stigma and public health. Social Science & Medicine. | download pdf

Yeager, D.S., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Garcia, J., Apfel, N., Pebley, P., Master, A., Hessert, W.T., & Cohen, G.L. (2014).  Breaking the cycle of mistrust: Wise interventions to provide critical feedback across the racial divide. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. | download pdf


Yeager, D.S., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Garcia, J., Apfel, N., Pebley, P., Master, A., Hessert, W.T., & Cohen, G.L., (in press). Lifting a barrier of mistrust: "Wise" feedback to racial minorities. Journal of Experimental Psychology-General. | download pdf

Purdie-Vaughns, V. & Eibach, R. (2013). The social psychology of symbolic firsts: How Barack Obama’s Presidency may affect student achievement and perceptions of racial progress in America. In F. Harris & R. Lieberman (Eds.), Racial equality in a post-racial world? (pp. 186-211). New York, NY: Russell Sage Foundation. | download pdf

Sedlovskaya, A., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Eibach, R.P., LaFrance, M., Romero-Canyas, R., & Camp, N.P. (2013). Internalizing the closet: concealment heightens the cognitive distinction between public and private selves. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104(4), 695-715. | download pdf

Sherman, D.K., Hartson, K.A., Binning, K.R., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Garcia, J., Taborsky-Barba, S., Tomassetti, S., Nussbaum, D.A., & Cohen, G.L. (2013). Deflecting the trajectory and changing the narrative: How self-affirmation affects academic performance and motivation under identity threat. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 104(4), 591-618. | download pdf

Shnabel, N., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Cook, J.E., Garcia, J., & Cohen, G.L. (2013). Demystifying values-affirmation interventions: Writing about social belonging is a key to buffering against identity threat. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 39(5), 663-676. | download pdf

Yang, L.H., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Kotabe, H., Link, B.G., Saw, A., Wong, G., Phelan, J.C. (2013). Culture, threat, and mental illness stigma: Identifying culture-specific threat among Chinese-American groups. Social Science & Medicine, 88, 56-67. | download pdf


Cook, J.E., Purdie-Vaughns, V., Garcia, J., & Cohen, G.L. (2012). Chronic threat and contingent belonging: Protective benefits of values affirmation on identity development. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 102(3), 479-496. | download pdf

Cohen, G. L, Purdie-Vaughns, V. & Garcia, J. (2012). An identity threat perspective on intervention. In M. Inzlicht & T. Schmader (Eds.), Stereotype threat: Theory, process, and application. (pp. 280-296). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. | download pdf


Purdie-Vaughns, V., & Walton, G (2011). Is multiculturalism bad for Black Americans? In R. Mallett & L. Tropp (Ed.), Beyond prejudice reduction: Pathways to positive intergroup relations. (pp. 159-177). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. | download pdf

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Yang, L.H., Wonpat-Borja, A.J., Opler, M., Compton, M.T., Kelly, M., Purdie-Vaughns, V., & Corcoran, C.M. (2011). Stigma in early stages of psychotic illness: Connections to cognitive neuroscience. In P. Fusar-Poli, S.J. Borgwardt, & P.K. McGuire (Eds.), Vulnerability to psychosis: From psychopathology to neurosciences. (pp.159-166). London, UK: Psychology Press. | pdf available soon

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1999 – 2004

Eberhardt, J.L., Goff, P.A., Purdie, V.J., & Davies, P.G. (2004). Seeing black: Race, crime, and visual processing. Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, 87(6), 876–893. | download pdf

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Downey, G., Purdie, V., & Schaffer-Neitz, R. (1999). Anger transmission from mother to child in mothers with a chronic pain condition and well mothers. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 61, 62-73. | download pdf

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