Russian International Association
Klub Zaezhiy Muzikant
Russian Bard Club in NYC, holds monthly meetings. Everyone is welcome!!!
It's Russian life listed alphabetically :). Cafe's, clubs, news, concerts, chat, dating, etc.
The Russian equivalent of The site sells Russian movies and music and features audio/video samples.
One liners, top ten lists, hilarious stories. Basically -- jokes, jokes, jokes.
It's the Russian Barnes & Noble. The site sells books on various subjects.
Russian Cultural Association
RCA of Barnard College holds many events related to Russian culture on Campus and in the city.
Hermitage Museum
One of the largest and most prestigious Russian Museums. Notable feature is a digital collection of Russian art.
Literary existentialist wit meets the the Russian pop culture life in this toon series. "Eto avant-gard, tak srazy ne v'edesh" :)
Bliss Records
Bliss Records is the only arts organization entirely devoted to bringing modern Russian music to increasingly vast Stateside audiences.
Russian entertainment review of Russian parties, concerts, and events in New York
Harriman Institue
The Harriman Institute is the first academic center in the US devoted to the interdisciplinary study of Russia.