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The Columbia University chapter of the Society for Biomaterials was established in August of 2008 by members of the Biomedical Engineering Department at Columbia. We are an officially recognized chapter of the national Society for Biomaterials.

Our goal is to provide leadership and professional development opportunities to Columbia graduate students, while also increasing awareness of biomaterials related research.

"The Society For Biomaterials is a professional society which promotes advances in biomedical materials research and development by encouragement of cooperative educational programs, clinical applications, and professional standards in the biomaterials field. Biomaterials scientists and engineers study cells, their components, complex tissues and organs and their interactions with natural and synthetic materials and implanted prosthetic devices, as well as develop and characterize the materials used to measure, restore, and improve physiologic function, and enhance survival and quality of life."

If you are interested in joining our chapter, please contact [email protected]

Chapter Awards & Honors

1st Place at 2015 SFB Biomaterials Education Challenge (Apr. 2015)
SFB Student Chapter Travel Grant (Mar. 2015)
SFB Fall Student Chapter Award (Dec. 2013)
3rd Place at 2013 SFB Biomaterials Education Challenge (Apr. 2013)
2nd Place SFB Student Chapter Award (Dec. 2009)

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