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The Fed Is Back
September 2004

This September, The Fed returns with volume 20. This site, however, is finis. Yeah. I miss the orange already. But the new site is sooo much cooler. Yeah.

All new issues and news updates will be posted to Please visit often and hardily. The archives will remain at this site for the time being, pending migration. Yo.

Distribution Changes
April 2004

The Fed, instead of being wedged into the cramped, ugly, 6 square inch dorm room that is your Lerner Hall mailbox, will now be placed in convenient campus locales for your taking pleasure.

If you don't go to class much, aren't enrolled, live in a different state, or were redirected here from a porn site, the new issues are on the web too.

Want a Fed t-shirt with this trendy graphic? Shirts with varied parameters of magnitude and luminance are now available.

Price is $12. Email to arrange a shady street corner transaction.