The Fed

About The Fed

What is the Fed?
The Fed is Columbia's alternative newspaper. We print stories that either profoundly shake our complacent and familiar thought patterns, or else stories that make us chuckle. It's easier to make us chuckle, admittedly. But we really hope to be like one of those drugs that does both.

Since when?
The Fed has been working the angles at Columbia University since 1983 or so. It was founded as "the Federalist" by a libertarian, a conservative and a socialist in order to express classically liberal opinion. In the late eighties "the Federalist" shifted to a more Conservative voice because of the editorial board that was in place.

After several years of dormancy, the Fed was resurrected as a sort of oddball alternative paper, mixing humor and political content. Now we mostly do humor. Most of the current staff today thinks that politics is funny too, but not really in a Bill Maher way.

A former Editor-in-Chief wrote a nice little history about us back in December 1999. You can read her nostalgic account in the archives. [15.5: The History of Columbia's Oldest Student Paper]

What's your political bent now?
We like to say we don't have one. Certainly we don't have an official one. Contributors say what they will. We are very de-centralized, and although this has become more difficult as our fame has increased, and brought with all the accoutrements of late night cocaine parties with rock stars and beautiful women, we'd like to remain a paper that is primarily defined by a diverse group of contributors, and all that junk. Seriously, we don't care about life, and so we fritter our time away doing whatever we can to make the pain go away, even for a single moment, trying to indefinitely skim the peaks of orgasm after orgasm. And then comes the fall...

What do you want?
We want people to read our stuff. We want to push against the boundaries of the safe little world we live in and expose people to criticism, to disagreement, to debate, to jokes about deviant sex practices with animals.

Don't we all just want to feel like somebody cares?

How can I show that I care?
Email us to hear about meetings. Write for us. You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a "good writer". We have nothing against perverts, freshmen, nerds, Polynesian Islanders, Republicans, women, Deadheads, or the New York Islanders. If you like our paper, we'll assume that you're cool. We'll probably continue to justify that assumption to ourselves even if you turn out not to be. So no worries.

You must have an agenda?
You suspicious fuck. Go to hell.

Can't you tell us more?
Even a newspaper needs its privacy. Direct specific questions to

Mission Statements:

Mission #1: To kick your ass, take your wallet, and steal your girl.

Mission #2: To spread joy all over the world and make people love again.

Mission #3: To make a high quality newspaper.

Where's the Fed Office?

It's in 5th floor Lerner Club Space.

WHERE: that's the 5th floor of Lerner. It's on the Broadway side.

HOW: Take the Broadway side elevator to the 5th floor and walk to the windows that look out over Broadway. On your left is a door which should be open. Just inside the door, on your right, will be the Credit Union (or CUFCU). When the hall opens up, you just be staring at us through the glass doors. Look for sexually explicit artwork and "Re-elect Reagan" banners.