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Why Should I Write?

The Fed doesn't care if you haven't really written before. They're not all about family connections and masonic handshakes. There is a well-defined editorial process through which you'll get individualized input and suggestions on your article. Write something, communicate with an editor once or twice about it, and we promise to consider it just as carefully as anything else we recieve. We may find your perspective much more interesting than the dozens of op-ed pieces submitted by various world political leaders which compete for space in each issue. If we like it, we'll print it. And there's no telling what them crazy editors will like next. They're a nutty and capricious lot.

Do you think you're ready to give it a try?
Do you think you can handle the infamy?
Write For the Fed

Other Jobs At the Fed

You may not like to write. That's okay with us. You may love to write, but want to try your hand at other aspects of the newspaper business. That's awesome. There's plenty of interesting, challenging, and rewarding stuff to do at the Fed. And plenty of love to go around. Are you...

...Interested in Layout? Learn Quark; We'll Teach You! It's a marketable skill that you can put on your resume. We're not kidding. Quark is the industry standard for layout and design. The Fed is looking for dedicated perfectionists to lay-down and pretty up our paper.
...A Graphic Artist? Well, the Fed loves artists, both by hand and on the computer (wink wink). Put your class-time to effective use. Don't doodle in your notebook, draw pictures for the Fed! We've got Photoshop for all your graphics manipulation needs.
...More of a Photographer? The Fed's always looking for talented people to back up our stunning exposes with stunning pictures. Come in and see us some time. Our budget's limited, but we pay to get the pictures developed.
...Something of a Computer Whiz? The Fed's got Macs and Mac problems that you wouldn't believe. Plus, this snazzy website doesn't write itself, you know. Put your back into cyberfying the Fed.
...Nitpicky About Details? Perhaps Copy-Editing is your calling. Try it out, be the first to read each issue and make sure that its sparklingly clean and free of grammatical mistakes.
...Got A Wide Back? Distribution is vitally important to the Fed. The more issues we put out, the more response we get. Come, be all you can be, and make us even better
...Good With People? We're always looking for people who have a knack for scratching the right back at the right time. We piss so many people off, we're gonna need an army of PR.
...Just A Nice Person? Well, why didn't you say so? Come on over and chill with the coolest people you've ever heard of.
Work For the Fed