Are practices open to everyone?

We have two kinds of practices: 1) Monday open gyms, and 2) Thursday travel team practices. While most people have played before, our Monday practices are open to everyone, regardless of experience level.

What's the travel team? What's the commitment like?

We host tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester every year to determine who will travel with us to tournaments within a four hour radius. If you don't make the team, you are welcome to come to any and all Monday open gyms; we also do, on occasion, pull people up from these practices to join the traveling team, which has an addition practice on Thursday nights and attends three tournaments a semester.

When and where are practices?

Both practices (Mondays and Thursdays) are from 9:00pm - 11:00pm in Levien Gymnasium on the center court.

Who is eligible to play?

Anyone who attends a Columbia affliated school is welcome, including students in Barnard, CC, SEAS, GS, and all graduate programs.

How do I know if practice is happening this week?

The team sends out emails the day before or the day of practices. You can also check out this calendar if you're ever unsure.

Is there a men's team?

Yes! Click here for more information.

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