The University Senate

September, 1997

To: Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs
Subject New Degrees, Joint Degree Programs, Changes in Requirements for Existing Degrees

     Following its approval by the appropriate Faculty or Faculties, a proposal to establish a new degree, joint degree, or certificate program, or to change the requirements for existing degrees or certificates, must be reviewed and accepted by the Provost of the University and by the University Senate. It is then submitted by the Provost to the New York State Board of Regents, who are authorized by law to review and register all certificate and degree programs in the State.

     To facilitate these reviews, the Senate and the Provost have established a procedure that allows a Faculty, through a single submission, to provide all the information and documentation required by the several reviewing bodies. The procedure is outlined in the attached form. (Extra copies are always available in the Senate Office, 406 Low Library.)

     Completed proposals should be submitted by the dean of the appropriate Faculty to Stephen Rittenberg, Vice Provost for Academic Administration. He is Columbia's liaison with the State Education Department, and his office maintains an up-to-date listing of the University's registered programs. Questions regarding the applicability of items in the outline should also be directed to him. Dr. Rittenberg reviews the proposal in consultation with the Provost, then sends it to the University Senate, where it is considered in detail, first by the Committee on Education, and then by the full Senate.

     It is wise to allow at least three months for action by the Senate on a proposal. Moreover, the State requires that new programs which an institution intends to offer in the Fall semester be submitted for registration no later than the preceding February lst. Thus, proposals for new programs should be submitted to Dr. Rittenberg as soon as possible. The Senate Education Committee cannot guarantee action for the following Fall on any degree proposal it receives after December 1.


Jonathan R. Cole, University Provost                          Paul Duby, Chairman, Senate Executive Committee

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