The required text for this course is Friderun Ankel-Simons' An Introduction to Primate Anatomy 3nd edition (2007). This edition won't be published until January 15 but given the extensive updates (including 200 pages of expanded material) it is worthwhile for us to use this edition even if it means that it is not available at the very start of the semester. I have arranged for the Columbia University Bookstore to obtain copies as quickly as possible upon publication (and for a price that is comparable if not even a bit better than Of course, the class will be notified as soon as it arrives and the syllabus will include interim readings. It is highly recommended that students also purchase A Photographic Atlas for Physical Anthropology by Paul F. Whitehead et al. (2005). It is a relatively inexpensive book with excellent color photographs. Students should be aware that it is not bound but instead comes with a three-hole punch--not an optimal choice in my view but some like the ease of use. Copies of this text will be available at the Columbia University Book Store as well.

Selections of the seminal text by Swindler and Wood, An Atlas of Primate Gross Anatomy , and Swindler's The Dentition of Living Primates will be available for use in the lab. In addition, required and optional readings will be available on-line through Courseworks--Columbia Univerity Library Reserves. Unfortunately, copyright restrictions prohibit the university from making copies directly available to the students.

Even though many of you will do much of your term paper research on line, you are encouraged to visit the Biology Library (it's a great treasure) and before the entrace you'll be able to see a lovely complete male gorilla skeleton. (top)