Conflicts of Interest, Privacy/Confidentiality, and Tissue Repositories: Protections, Policies, and Practical Strategies

May 3-5, 2004

Hyatt Harborside Hotel, Boston , MA


This unique three-day conference, presented in collaboration with PRIM&R, provided fundamental principles, presented regulations and guidelines, and addressed current legal and ethical issues pertaining to three of the most contentious topics in research: Conflicts of Interest, Privacy and Confidentiality, and Tissue Repositories. Distinctive in its audience as in its perspective, the Conference attracted attendees from over 37 states and four countries ( Canada , the Netherlands , Switzerland , and Australia ).

In response to numerous requests made by conference attendees, we are pleased to provide PowerPoint presentations for this educational conference. It is through the generosity of our distinguished faculty that this information is now available and we gratefully acknowledge each of them for their dedication, expertise, and ability to further enrich our learning.

Click on one of the icons next to the name of a particular speaker on the Conference Program to view his or her PowerPoint presentation in the formats provided. Only speakers whose names are listed below have provided copies of their presentations.

We wish you the best in your effort to protect all those who volunteer to advance the frontiers of science and to promote the good of society.

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Conference Materials

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Monday, May 3, 2004
Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts Panel I - Financial Conflicts of Interest and “Interesting” Financial Conflicts

Panelist: Theodore Cicero - |
Panelist: Barbara Mishkin - |

Keynote Address - Thinking Critically about Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research
Thomas Murray - |

Conflicts Panel II - Conflicts of Interest are Here to Stay: Investigator/Individual Conflicts and Their Impact on Research

Panelist: Paul Citron - |
Panelist: Susan Ellenberg - |
Panelist: Mark Horn - |
Panelist: Thomas Moore - |

Conflicts Panel III - Managing Conflicts of Interest at the IRB and Institutional Levels

Panelist: Claudia Adkison - |
Panelist: Roger Porter - |


Tuesday, May 4, 2004
Privacy and Confidentiality

Conference Overview - Privacy and Confidentiality – Where Do We Stand? Where Are We Heading?
Pearl O’Rourke - |

Keynote Address - A Privacy and Confidentiality Primer
Mary McCabe - |

Privacy Panel I - Fusing/Confusing Ethics and Privacy/Confidentiality Principles and Regulations

Panelist: Jeffrey Cohen - |
Panelist: Moira Keane - |
Panelist: Mary Faith Marshall - |

Plenary Talk - Privacy Problems Involving Genetic Information
Philip Reilly - |

Privacy Panel II - Privacy/Confidentiality Challenges in the HIPAA Era: Identified Areas of Difficulty and Proposed Strategies for Their Resolution

Panelist: Lora Kutkat - |


Wednesday, May 5, 2004
Tissue Repositories / Tissue Banking

Keynote Address - The Importance of Tissue Banking and Tissue Research
Mark Sobel - |

Tissue Panel I - Perspectives From Those Who Regulate Tissue Banks

Moderator: Steve Bernstein - |
Panelist: Julie Kaneshiro - |
Panelist: Elizabeth Hohmann - |
Panelist: Sally Hojvat - |

Tissue Panel II - Perspectives From Those Who Want/Need Tissue Banks

Panelist: Elizabeth Hammond - |
Panelist: Barbara Handelin - |
Panelist: Judy Perotti - |

Tissue Panel III - Current Challenges

Panelist: Joyce Mull - |

Tissue Panel IV - Strategies and Protections that Have Worked!

Panelist: Roger Aamodt - |
Panelist: Lawrence Muhlbaier - |