ACDP (Asociacion Comunal de Dominicanos Progresistas)
Basketball Academy
  Developed to keep youth off the streets at night and have them doing something productive as well as active. The Gymnasium is available for the youth to play basketball every evening after the regular of the Highbridge Play Center.
Highbridge Play Center
  Open seven days per week. Located on 119 acres of park land, equipped with two playgrounds, four ball fields, four outdoor basketball courts, two indoor basketball courts, two swimming pools, one weight training room and a number of classrooms and conference rooms.

Community center where students and adults from throughout New York City and the surrounding area come to exercise and learn. OR

Fitness / Exercise Resources in Washington Heights & Inwood
List of different fitness / exercise programs/resources in the neighborhoods of Washington Heights/Inwood, some free, some with fees.

New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
Listings of many of NYC’s baseball, softball, football, soccer and cricket fields, basketball, tennis, volleyball and bocce courts, golf courses, ice skating and roller hockey rinks, marinas, bike paths, and more.
Indoor Recreation Facilities
Nature Centers
Parks Activities and Facilities
Youth Tennis Program

Empowers students in urban communities using soccer, writing, creative expression, and service-learning.
520 8th Avenue, 2nd Floor, NY, NY, 10018.
Tel: 212-563-3250, Fax: 212-563-4046

Police Athletic League
Serves New York City children with recreational, educational, cultural and social programs.
Tel: 1-800-PAL-4KIDS (1-800-725-4543), Fax: 212-477-4792

YM and YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood
Offers services for children, youth and the elderly.
54 Nagle Avenue; New York, NY 10040
Tel: 212-569-6200, Fax 212-567-5915