Technical Requirements

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP or higher; Mac OS X (10.3 or higher)
  • Display: 1024 x 768 pixel resolution or higher recommended; 800x600 pixels resolution minimum
  • Network Connection: A broadband connection is recommended (LAN, DSL, or cable modem)
  • Browsers: Windows- Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox 2; Mac OS- Safari, Firefox 2
  • Flash must be enabled in browsers. If images do not load, download the latest version of Flash Player here:

Viewing Web Slides

In this online lab manual the "Open with WebViewer" link above a thumbnail image will take you to Spectrum WebViewer. If you are using a PC, you have the option of also viewing the images with ImageScope. Clicking the "open in imagescope" link on the top right of Spectrum WebViewer will open the image in ImageScope.

You can download the free ImageScope viewer from this Website: . This software is also available on the public computers in the CUMC Library and in PH17. For help with ImageScope, download the ImageScope Quick Reference guide. ImageScope does NOT work with Macs.

Remote Access

If you are trying to access the web slides from an off-campus location, you will need to install and run the Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a program that encrypts data before it is sent across a network. Here's the link to the VPN information: