Slide Index

  1. Kidney. Rat. Regaud iron hematoxylin stain for mitochondria.
  2. Epididymis. Rat. Silver-azocarmine stain for Golgi.
  3. Muscle-tendon. Human or rabbit. H&E and picric acid.
  4. Skin Monkey. H&E
  5. Hyaline cartilage. Trachea. Human or guinea pig. H&E
  6. Elastic cartilage. Dog or guinea pig ear. Weigert stain.
  7. Fibrocartilage. Intervertebral disc. Human. H&E.
  8. Rib and cartilage. Human or guinea pig. H&E.
  9. Dried bone. Ground section (X.S. & L.S.). Human. Unstained.
  10. Bone. Tibia. Decalcified. H&E.
  11. Bone. Rib. Decalcified. H&E.
  12. Peripheral blood smear. Human. Wright's stain.
  13. Kidney. Acid phosphatase reaction for lysosomes.
  14. Bone marrow section. Rabbit. Giemsa.
  15. Skeletal muscle. Phosphotungstic acid - hematoxylin and H&E.
  16. Aorta. Monkey. H&E.
  17. Heart with mitral valve. Monkey. Mallory azan stain.
  18. Heart with mitral valve. Human. Masson stain.
  19. Heart, ventricle. Calf. Phosphotungstic acid - hematoxylin.
  20. Aorta. Rabbit. Weigert stain.
  21. Aorta. Human. Longitudinal section. H&E and Masson stain.
  22. Lymph node. Dog. Silver stain.
  23. Lymph node. Human or Dog. H&E.
  24. Lymph node. Lymph-vascular injection. India ink. Cat. H&E.
  25. Spleen. Monkey. Periodic acid - silver.
  26. Thymus. Child or rabbit. H&E.
  27. Palatine tonsil. Human. H&E.
  28. Spleen. Human or rabbit. H&E.
  29. Thymus. Human, 36 years. H&E.
  30. Spleen. Monkey. Silver stain.
  31. Lymph node. hematoxylin and Azure II eosin.
  32. Esophagus, upper end. Human or rabbit. H&E.
  33. Esophagus and stomach. Human or rabbit. H&E.
  34. Stomach, body. Monkey. H&E.
  35. Stomach-duodenum. Human or monkey. H&E.
  36. Duodenum and pancreas. Human or monkey. H&E.
  37. Small intestine. Human, dog or rabbit. H&E.
  38. Small intestine. Monkey. Osmium tetroxide and azocarmine.
  39. Colon. H&E.
  40. Parotid gland. Monkey, rabbit or monkey. H&E.
  41. Sublingual gland. Human. H&E.
  42. Pancreas. Dog or monkey. H&E.
  43. Pancreas. Guinea pig. Chrome alum hematoxylin-phloxine.
  44. Bile duct. Monkey or rabbit. H&E.
  45. Liver. Human. H&E.
  46. Skin. Human. H&E.
  47. Liver. Human. Phosphotungstic acid - hematoxylin-phloxine.
  48. Recto-anal junction. Human. H&E.
  49. Kidney. Human. H&E.
  50. Kidney. Guinea pig. H&E.
  51. Kidney. Guinea pig. P.A.S. and Hematoxylin.
  52. Bone marrow. Human, section. H&E (scanned only)
  53. Ureter. Human. H&E or Masson.
  54. Urinary bladder. Human. H&E.
  55. Corpus spongiosum. Human or rabbit. H&E.
  56. Testis and epididymis. Human. H&E. (Scanned slide, testis only)
  57. Testis and epididymis. Monkey or rabbit. H&E.
  58. Ductus deferens. H&E or Masson trichrome.
  59. Prostate. Human. Masson and H&E
  60. Seminal vesicle. Human, 34 years. H&E.
  61. Ovary. Monkey, adult. H&E.
  62. Ovary. Human. H&E or Masson.
  63. Ovary with corpus luteum of pregnancy (early). Human. H&E.
  64. Corpus luteum of pregnancy (mature). Human. H&E.
  65. Uterus. Human. Pre-ovulatory. H&E.
  66. Uterus. Human. Progravid. H&E.
  67. Cervix uteri. Human. H&E.
  68. Oviducts (Fallopian tubes). Human. H&E.
  69. Mammary gland (lactating). Human. H&E.
  70. Mammary gland (inactive). Human. H&E.
  71. Adrenal gland. Human. H&E.
  72. Adrenal gland. Monkey. H&E.
  73. Pituitary gland. Human. Masson.
  74. Pituitary gland. Human. H&E.
  75. Pituitary gland. Human. Chrome-hematoxylin and Phloxine.
  76. Spleen. Monkey. H&E (1.5 micron plastic section).
  77. Thyroid. Monkey. H&E.
  78. Thyroid. Human. H&E.
  79. Parathyroid. Dog. H&E.
  80. Sciatic nerve (X.S. & L.S.). Monkey. Cajal.
  81. Sciatic nerve (X.S. & L.S.). Rabbit. H&E.
  82. Bone marrow smear. Human. Wright's stain.
  83. Sympathetic or Gasserian ganglion. Human. H&E.
  84. Spinal cord. Monkey. Cajal's silver.
  85. Spinal cord. Nissl stain.
  86. Cerebellum. Human. H&E.
  87. Tongue. Vallate papillae. Mallory-azan or H&E.
  88. Trachea and Esophagus. H&E.
  89. Lung. H&E.
  90. Pig embryo. 10 mm. H&E.
  91. Pig embryo. 15 mm. H&E.
  92. Pig embryo. 25 mm. H&E.
  93. Human fetus. Hand. 4 months. Hem-Azur II-Eosin.
  94. Parietal bones. Human fetus. H&E.
  95. Finger. Monkey, 4 months. H&E.
  96. Epiphyseal Growth Plate. Rabbit. H&E.
  97. Finger. Monkey, 2 months. H&E.
  98. Placenta, 2 1/2 months. H&E.
  99. Placenta, 4 months. H&E.
  100. Placenta, 6 months. Human. H&E.
  101. Small Intestine. Guinea Pig. PAS & Hematoxylin.
  102. Small Intestine. Guinea Pig. Bodian.
  103. Kidney. Guinea Pig. PAS & Hematoxylin.
  104. Intervertebral Disc. Guinea Pig. Orcein van Gieson's elastic stain.
  105. -
  106. Appendix. Human. H&E (scanned only)
  107. Pancreas-Guinea Pig. Acid Fuchsin-Toluidine blue.
  108. Cerebral Cortex. Cat. Nissl.
  109. Trachea & Esophagus & Thyroid. Rabbit. H&E.
  110. Lung. Rabbit. Orcein Van Gieson
  111. Cortex, Cat. Golgi.
  112. Whitefish embryo Mitosis
  113. Artery, vein, nerve. Primate. H&E
  114. Parotid. Primate. H&E
  115. Gallbladder. Human. H&E
  116. Tongue. Vallate papilla. Human. H&E
  117. Small intestine, Human, H&E
  118. Lung, Human, H&E
  119. Eye
  120. Ear, cochlea and vestibule