ATLAS MAPS, 1714 and on

"Asia," a miniature map by Claude Bufier (1661-1737), Paris, 1714 and many later editions, with modern hand coloring; closer views of the *west half*; the *east half*; the *title page*; also a very close view of South Asia:

And a very close view of Southeast Asia:

Other maps from the same atlas:

*Eastern and western hemispheres, 1714*: *eastern*; *western*
*Africa, 1714*: *northern part*

*Turkey in Asia, 1714*: *north half*; *south half*
*Turkey in Europe, 1714*: *west half*; *east half*

*Europe, 1714*: *west half*; *east half*
*Scandinavia, 1714*
*Germany, 1714*
*Poland, 1714*
*Greece, 1714*: *eastern half*
*Spain, 1714*

*the Americas, 1714*: *North America*; *South America*

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