A miscellany of maps from the earlier 1700s

1705 *"Mogol empire" and beyond, by Chatelaine*

*Asia, in a miniature atlas map by Paul de la Feuille*

1710 *Global gores, a system by Heinrich Scherer, Munich*

1714 *miniature atlas maps by Claude Bufier, Paris*

1717 *South Asia and Asia, by Chevigny, Amsterdam*

1720 *"Magni Mogolis Imperium," by F. de Wit, Amsterdam*

1720 *Asia and other miniature maps, by Christoph Weigel, Nuremberg*

1720 *Asia and other miniature maps, by M. Veith, Augsberg*

1721 *India and East Asia, by John Senex*

1731 *the Indian Ocean, vertically; by Scheuchzer, from 'Physica Sacra'*

1738 *Asia and other miniature maps, by Gottfried Haupt*

1744 *Asia, by Matthaeus Seutter*

1744 *Asia and other miniature maps, by Nicholas Bion, Paris*

1748 *"The East Indies," by Thomas Jefferys, London*

1750 *Asia and other maps, by Johann George Schreiber*

1754 *"Asia," by Emanuel Bowen, London*

1767 *"Asia," by Georges-Louis Le Rouge, Paris*

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