KHAJURAHO (c.950-1000's)

Section 7, top margin A, left margin c, just a bit north of Panna (the site itself isn't shown on this map)
The *Kandariya Mahadev Temple* at Khajuraho, in my opinion the most gorgeous in all South Asia
A nineteenth-century cultural encounter
The wedding of Shiva and Parvati was a common theme of sculpture as well as temple-building during this period and in this region.
Some other photographic views of Khajuraho
The early Lakshmana Temple (c.954), dedicated to Rama's brother, is one of the loveliest
The Lakshmana temple: some scenes from its outside walls
Within the garbha-griha, or "womb-chamber," of the Lakshmana temple is an image of Vishnu
The elegantly proportioned Vishvanath temple
The Devi Jagadambi temple
Here are a few of my favorite images of Khajuraho, from the Berger Collection
Lord Ganesh too dances gracefully on the walls of Khajuraho, and Vishnu's Boar avatar is represented in a large sculpture
On the whole (barring some tantric developments) later trends in sculpture and religious practice have tended toward less sensuality and more clothing
"A Quick Touch Up" and "The Khajuraho Group of Hotels," two modern visions
A search for "khajuraho" will produce more early photographs

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