An overview of the Deccan, with Aurangabad prominently shown; from a map by Sidney Hall, 1823 (Walker's Atlas, London)

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The **BIBI KA MAQBARA** is in Aurangabad

**AURANGZEB'S TOMB** is in Aurangabad

The **AJANTA CAVES** are in the vicinity of Aurangabad

"The Indian Mutiny: General Woodburn's Moveable Brigade shelling the encampment of the First Regiment of Cavalry of the Hyderabad Contingent at Aurungabad," Illustrated London News, 1857

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*Aurungabad [Aurangabad] City Gate [with an unidentified mosque on the left]; a photo from the 1860's* (BL);
also: *[Kham River scene in] Aurungabad [Aurangabad] City; a photo from the 1860's* [*photo 1860's 2*]

*[Tomb of Banu Begum], Nr. Aurangabad; a photo by J. Johnston, 1860's* (BL);
also: *[View looking towards Banu Begum's tomb], Nr. Aurangabad* [*Johnston 1860's 2*]
*[Malik Ambar's tomb] Nr. Rozah, Aurangabad* [*Johnston 1860's 3*]

*General view of the Mecca Gateway, Aurangabad; a photo by Henry Mack Nepean, 1868* (BL) [*Nepean 1868a*];
also: *Aurangzeb's Mosque, Aurangabad*  [*Nepean 1868b*];
also: *Close view of the Delhi Gateway, Aurangabad* [*Nepean 1868c*];
also: *General view of the market place of the old city, Aurangabad* [*Nepean 1868d*];
also: *General view of the Pan Chakki (watermill), and Mosque of Baba Shah Muzaffar, Aurangabad* [*Nepean 1868e*];
also: *Street scene, Aurangabad* [*Nepean 1868f*];
also: *Street scene, Aurangabad (2)* [*Nepean 1868g*]

*Palace of Zeb-un-Nissa (Aurangazebe's daughter), Aurangabad; a photo by Lala Deen Dayal, 1880's* (BL)

The Delhi Gate, in a modern visitor's photo

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The tomb of Bano Begam as it looks today; also: *the tomb itself*

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"Brass carving, Aurangabad"

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