AJANTA (1st c. BCE and onward)
Section 10, top margin C, right margin a; just north-northwest of *Aurangabad*, near *Ellora*
A set of beautiful lithographs made from sketches by James Fergusson in 1838-39
A wide panoramic view of the cavesite
The "teaching Buddha" of Cave 16
The standing Buddha of Cave 19
The mysteriousness of Cave 26
The surviving frescoes are delicate, so not much light is permitted in the caves; photography is thus very difficult
This gorgeous Bodhisattva, along with other frescoes, dates from the 400's
A montage of some of the frescoes
A search for "ajanta" will produce a remarkable number of images
At about the same period, similar frescoes were made in the caves of Sigiriya, in central Sri Lanka

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