LOCAL RULERS (1700s-c.1850s)

From 1674 to 1818, there was never a time when the Marathas were not a force to be reckoned with
Nobles networking at a banquet, c.1780's-- a time when the map was full of local fiefdoms with shifting borders
In Bengal, the capable 'Alivardi Khan and his successors now ruled from MURSHIDABAD-- until the British began to rule from Calcutta
The Navab of Arcot loomed large in the Company's political-military intrigues: his sons were painted by the distinguished artist Tilly Kettle c.1770
In Mysore and elsewhere in the south, Tipu Sultan (r.1782-99) caused the British very serious difficulties
The British never took on Ranjit Singh and his Sikh kingdom (c.1800-39) in the Punjab; only after his death did tensions rise and hostilities break out
What the well-dressed warrior wore-- and used
The tradition of Mughal-influenced Deccani painting continued in many courts
Aristocrats of the period made multicultural claims to status: a Hindu nobleman might use a Persian-style seal to boast of a British title
Raja Javan Singh passing the time with his companions in a pool, c.1830's
I call this one "Five Rajas with ZOOM Capabilities"

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