A seated "yogi" with animals, who is sometimes claimed to be a "proto-Shiva" (National Museum, New Delhi)

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/28433765@N07/3230965911/
(downloaded May 2009)

Another photo of the same seal

Source: http://www.safarmer.com/morehorns.pdf
(downloaded Dec. 2004)

Some comparative seals, and questions, from Steve Farmer; see also the *"three-faced yogi" seal*

Source: http://www.safarmer.com/Indo-Eurasian/worshippers&gods2.jpg
(downloaded June 2007)

More examples of figures with trees on their heads

Source: http://www.safarmer.com/Indo-Eurasian/symbolhead.jpg
(downloaded June 2007)

The animals surrounding the central figure might be clan or totem symbols

Source: http://www.safarmer.com/indus/Harvard2004.pdf
(downloaded Sept. 2008)

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