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Don Juan in Literature

The list below provides links to most literary texts dealing with Don Giovanni, in their original language.

Note that "El Burlador de Sevilla" by Tirso De Molino, the first text listed, is the first version of the Don Giovanni story, and the text upon which the libretto was based.

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Tirso De Molina (1630) - El Burlador de Sevilla (Spanish)

Paolo Zehentner (1643) - Promontorium Malae Spei (Latin)

Molière (1665) - Dom Juan ou le festin de pierre (French)

Mozart - Da Ponte (1787) - Don Giovanni, o l'empio punito (Italian)

Ernst Theodor Hoffmann (1813) - Don Juan (German)

Byron (1821) - Don Juan (English)

Christian Dietrich Grabbe (1829) - Don Juan und Faust (German)

Aleksandr S. Pushkin (1830) - Kamennyj Gost' (Russian)

José Zorrilla (1844) - Don Juan Tenorio (Spanish)
Another digitalized version of Zorrilla's Don Juan is available at the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes.

Baudelaire (1861) - Don Juan aux enfers (French)

Blok (1912) - Shagi Komandora (Russian)