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Storm Surge: Hurricane Sandy, Our Changing Climate, and Extreme Weather of the Past and Future, Harper Wave, 2014. (Popular science)

Recent op-eds

CNN, "Did climate change cause California drought?" April 8, 2015. By Adam Sobel.
CNN, "Wrong but right about winter storm." January 27, 2015. By Adam Sobel.
Los Angeles Times, "Flood, drought risks must be managed, with or without climate change." December 18, 2014. By Adam Sobel and Richard Seager.
Salon, "Forget the 'polar vortex' backlash: How I learned to love an overused media buzzword." Nov. 22, 2014. by Adam Sobel.
CNN, "Is China climate deal the best we can get?" Nov. 18, 2014. by Adam Sobel.
CNN, "Record cold doesn't disprove global warming." Jan. 7, 2014. by Adam Sobel.
Los Angeles Times, "Monitoring a climate epidemic." Nov. 15, 2013. By Adam Sobel and Naomi Oreskes.
CNN, "How deadly storms claim a bigger toll." Nov. 10, 2013. by Adam Sobel.
CNN, "What we didn't learn from Superstorm Sandy." Oct. 26, 2013. by Adam Sobel.

Peer-reviewed journal articles


(incl. in review or press)
  • Bony, Stevens, Frierson, Jakob, Kageyama, Pincus, Shepherd, Sherwood, Siebesma, Sobel, Watanabe, and Webb, 2015: Clouds, circulation and climate sensitivity. Nature Geoscience, 8, 261-268. Full text free online for one month after publication.
  • Wang, Fridlind, Sobel, Feng, Comstock, Minnis, and Nordeen, 2015: Simulations of cloud-radiation interaction using large-scale forcing derived from the CINDY/DYNAMO northern sounding array. Journal of Advances in Modeling the Earth System, submitted. PDF file.
  • Dwyer, Camargo, Sobel, Biasutti, Emanuel, Vecchi, Zhao, and Tippett, 2015: Projected 21st century changes in the length of the tropical cyclone season. Journal of Climate, in press. PDF file.
  • Allen, Tippett, and Sobel, 2015: Influence of the El Nino/Southern Oscillation on tornado and hail frequency in the United States. Nature Geoscience, 8, 278-283.
  • Yokoi and Sobel, 2015: Seasonal march and intraseasonal variability of the moist static energy budget over the eastern Maritime Continent during CINDY2011/DYNAMO. Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan, submitted Feb. 2015. PDF file.
  • Nie and Sobel, 2015: Responses of tropical deep convection to the QBO: cloud-resolving simulations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, submitted Feb. 2015. PDF file.
  • Walsh and many coauthors (incl. Sobel), 2015: Hurricanes and climate: the U.S. CLIVAR working group on hurricanes. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, in press. PDF file.
  • Anber, Wang, and Sobel, 2015: Effect of surface fluxes versus radiative heating on tropical deep convection. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, in press. PDF file.
  • Lee, Tippett, Camargo, and Sobel, 2015: Probabilistic prediction of tropical cyclone intensity from a multiple-linear regression model. Monthly Weather Review, 143, 933-954. PDF file.
  • Wang, Sobel, Zhang, Sun, Yue, and Zhou, 2015: Regional simulation of the October and November MJO events observed during the CINDY/DYNAMO field campaign at gray zone resolution. Journal of Climate, 28, 2097-2119. PDF file.
  • Allen, Tippett, and Sobel, 2015: An empirical model relating U.S. monthly hail occurrence to large-scale meteorological environment. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 7, doi:10.1002/2014MS000397. full text.


  • Shaevitz, Camargo, Sobel, and coauthors, 2014: Characteristics of tropical cyclones in high-resolution models in the present climate. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, DOI: 10.1002/2014MS000372. PDF file.
  • Rochetin, Lintner, Findell, Sobel, and Gentine, 2014: Radiative-convective equilibrium over a land surface. Journal of Climate, 23, 8611-8629. PDF file.
  • Sobel, Wang, and Kim, 2014: Moist static energy budget of the MJO during DYNAMO. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 71, 4276-4291. PDF file.
  • Wang, Camargo, Sobel and Polvani 2014: Impact of the tropopause temperature on the intensity of tropical cyclones --- an idealized study using a mesoscale model. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 71, 4333-4348. PDF file.
  • Anber, Wang, and Sobel, 2014: Response of atmospheric convection to vertical wind shear: cloud resolving simulations with parameterized large-scale circulation. Part I: Specified radiative cooling. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 71, 2976-2993. PDF file.
  • Benedict, Maloney, Sobel, and Frierson, 2014: Gross moist stability and MJO simulation skill in three full-physics GCMs. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 71, 3327-3349. PDF file.
  • Camargo, Tippett, Sobel, Vecchi, and Zhao, 2014: Testing the performance of tropical cyclone genesis indices in future climates using the HIRAM model. Journal of Climate, 27, 9171-9196. PDF file.
  • Tippett, Sobel, Camargo, and Allen, 2014: An empirical relation between U.S. tornado activity and monthly environmental parameters. Journal of Climate, 27, 2983-2999. PDF file.
  • Dwyer, Biasutti, and Sobel 2014: The effect of greenhouse-gas-induced changes in SST on the seasonality of tropical precipitation. Journal of Climate, 27, 4544-4565. PDF file.
  • Zhu, Wheeler, Sobel, and Hudson, 2014: Seamless precipitation prediction skill in the tropics and extratropics from a global model. Monthly Weather Review, 142, 1556-1569. PDF file
  • Kim, Kug, and Sobel, 2014: Propagating vs. non-propagating Madden-Julian oscillation events, Journal of Climate, 27, 111-125. PDF file.


  • Barnes, Polvani, and Sobel, 2013: Model projections of atmospheric steering of Sandy-like superstorms. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi:10.1073/pnas.1308732110.
  • Emanuel and Sobel 2013: Response of tropical sea surface temperature, precipitation, and tropical cyclone-related variables to changes in global and local forcing. Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, 5, 1-12. DOI: 10.1002/jame.20032. PDF file.
  • Hall and Sobel, 2013: The impact angle of hurricane Sandy's New Jersey landfall. Geophysical Research Letters, DOI: 10.1002/grl.50395. PDF file.
  • Auffhammer, Hsiang, Schlenker, and Sobel 2013: Using weather data and climate model output in economic analyses of climate change. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, doi: 10.1093/reep/ret016. PDF file
  • Wang, Sobel, and Kuang 2013: Cloud-resolving simulation of TOGA COARE using parameterized large-scale dynamics. Journal of Geophysical Research, DOI: 10.1002/jgrd.50510. PDF file. Summary article, editor's highlight.
  • Tandon, Gerber, Sobel, and Polvani, 2013: Understanding Hadley cell expansion vs. contraction: Insights from simplified models and implications for recent observations. Journal of Climate, 26, 4304-4321. PDF file.
  • Sobel and Maloney, 2013: Moisture modes and the eastward propagation of the MJO. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 70, 187-192. PDF file.
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  • Benedict, Maloney, Sobel, Frierson, and Donner, 2013: Tropical intraseasonal variability in version 3 of the GFDL atmosphere model. Journal of Climate, 26, 426-449. PDF file.


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  • Field, Risi, Schmidt, Worden, Voulgarakis, LeGrande, Sobel, and Healy, 2012: A Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer HDO/H2O retrieval simulator for climate models. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 12, 10485-10504. PDF file.
  • Sobel 2012: Tropical weather (link goes to online article). Nature Education Knowledge, 3(10):2.
  • Dwyer, Biasutti, and Sobel 2012: Projected changes in the seasonal cycle of surface temperature. Journal of Climate, 25, 6359-6374. PDF file.
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  • Sobel, Burleyson, and Yuter 2011: Rain on small tropical islands . Journal of Geophysical Research, 116, D08102, doi:10.1029/2010JD014695. PDF file. There is also the PDF file for the Correction published 2013, and the Supplemental figures for the correction.
  • Tippett, Camargo and Sobel 2011: A Poisson regression index for tropical cyclone genesis and the role of large-scale vorticity in genesis. Journal of Climate, 24, 2335-2357. PDF file.
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    Correction to Sobel and Bretherton 2000 (there's a wrong equation, doesn't affect the results but makes it confusing to read one section).
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    Before 2000

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    Book chapters

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    Edited Books

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    Meeting summaries

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  • Sobel 2010: Raised bar for rain. Nature Geoscience, 3, 821-822. ("News & Views", not peer reviewed.)

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