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chris wiggins

(347) 878-1256
Columbia University
200 S. W. Mudd Building, MC 4701
500 W. 120th St
New York NY 10027
Rm 205, Mudd
photo: Eileen Barroso
photo: Eileen Barroso

Currently, I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia. I am also affilated with Columbia's

As of January 2014, I am also the Chief Data Scientist at the New York Times.

I am an applied mathematician with a Ph.D. in theoretical physics working on computational biology. Focus areas include applications of machine learning, statistical inference, and information theory for the inference, analysis, and organization of biological networks. Click on "bibtex" to find out more about my publications.

Students: there are a number of interesting problems my collaborators and I are working on which need your help. Please email me if you are looking for a research project.

Students should please consider applying for

Colleagues: Please consider submitting an NIH R01 to collaborate with me and my Co-PIs at MAGNet. Instructions can be found here

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