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Men in Lead Aprons a Podcast by the Center for Radiological Research
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Episode 1: Radiation, a Two Edged Sword

Episode 2: Nuclear Power and Fukushima

Episode 3: CT Scans

Episode 4: Mammograms

Episode 5: Treating Breast Cancer with Radiation

Episode 6: Those Whole-Body Scanners in the Airport

Episode 7: Radon - Risk and Remedy

Episode 8: Making the Radiotherapy Decision

Episode 9: Dirty Bombs


Center for Radiological Research: 100Yrs (Click to play)


Narrow-Spectrum UV Light, video by Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons (Click to play)


Narrow-Spectrum UV Light May Reduce Surgical Infections (for more click here)


Interview with Aljazeera. Effects of Polonium (click on the picture link for the video)


Living with Uncertainty About Low Dose Radiation Risks



David Brenner testifying before Congress




Series of podcast based on a CME training course of the same name

Features lectures from Eric Hall, Charles Geard, Sally Amundson, John Little, Joseph Ring, and Karestan Koenen in addition to David Brenner

Audio and slides of all lectures are available at no charge