Army 1963-66 photo gallery

Frank da Cruz
2001, 12 February 2021

This gallery predates the family history by a decade or two so some of the stories in the photo captions are duplicated there.

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3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, Kaiserslautern, 1963-64

Original photos
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Other 3rd ACR pictures that I didn't take

Except for the Google satellite view, these are from Walter Elkins' U.S. Army in Germany site.
google_kapaun usareur_3acr_img18 usareur_3acr_img17 usareur_3acr_img1 usareur_3acr_img2 usareur_3acr_img3 usareur_3acr_img8 usareur_3acr_img12 usareur_3acr_img14 usareur_3acr_img10 usareur_3acr_img13 usareur_3acr_img16 usareur_3acr_img15 usareur_3acr_img5 usareur_3acr_img4 usareur_3acr_img11 usareur_3acr_img7 usareur_3acr_img6 usareur_3acr_img9 borderduty

7th Army Headquarters, Stuttgart, 1965-66

Photos by other people in my unit.
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