Frankfurt/Main Aerial and Historical Views - Photo #25 - Frankfurt/Main aerial views and maps 1944-2022

Photo:  Deutsche Welle

Frankfurt am Main seen from the air, looking west, in 2019. The Dom (bottom, slightly right of center) is dwarfed by modern skyscrapers. Not so long ago the Dom was the tallest building in the city. Today (2020) Germany's eleven tallest buildings are in Frankfurt, which is apparently looking to become the next Manhattan. As noted in Wikipedia, "The construction of high-rise buildings is not common in German cities, and especially not in the city centers, where traditionally steeples are the tallest structures. Due to its economic profile as an international financial centre, only Frankfurt has developed a skyline of high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in its city center. Out of a total of 17 skyscrapers in Germany, meaning buildings at least 150 metres (492 ft) tall, 16 are located in Frankfurt." If you enlarge the photo and scroll to the bottom, to left of the Dom you can see peaked roofs of the reconstructed Römer, the Paulskirche, and the Alt Nikolaikirche. Everything else in the photo is ultramodern and still, construction cranes are everywhere.