Frankfurt/Main Aerial and Historical Views - Photo #24 - Frankfurt/Main aerial views and maps 1944-2022

Image: Google satellite view 2021, accessed 15 July 2021.
Google satellite view of the part of Frankfurt centered around the IG Farben building, including the housing areas and other former American sites, showing recent changes such as the new Adorno Gymnasium on the FHS athletic field site and the reconstruction of the northern half of the Platenstraße housing area. Click the Enlarge button to see the original image (and then, depending on your browser, click again to see it full-size). Key to highlighted areas:

1. Red IG Farben and service buildings
2. Green Frankfurt High School
3. Pink Ambassador Arms Hotel, Teen Club, etc.
4. Light blue    HiCoG housing area
5. Dark blue WAC Circle (PX, Commissary, Snack Bar)
6. Orange Platenstraße housing area
7. Lavender Frankfurt Elementary School #1
8. Yellow Von Steuben housing area
9. Purple Hügel housing area

Of these the Farben building is still intact as the campus of Goethe University; the high school buildings now house a German school and the athletic field now houses another German school; the Ambassador Arms and Teen Club have been demolished; HiCoG still exists as housing for US Consulate staff; WAC Circle is now home to the Frankfurt Police Praesidium; the Platenstraße buildings still exist but those north of Platenstraße itself are having two new floors added on top; the Elementary School is still a school; and the Von Steuben and Hügel housing areas seem to be relatively unchanged except for the clientele.

Of course there were countless other American installations in other parts of Frankfurt; the 97th General Hospital, Drake-Edwards Kaserne and housing, Gibbs Barracks, Betts Barracks, Atterbury, Gutleut, etc. (see the USARMYGERMANY.COM cities listing for Frankfurt).