Memories of Hohenecken

Frank da Cruz
22 July 2006
Most recent update: 23 November 2020

Hohenecken is a small village (population about 4000) in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany, about 2 miles WSW of Kaiserslautern. It was a short walk from Kapaun Kaserne in Vogelweh, where I was stationed in the Army 1963-64. Coincidentally, it's only 8 miles from Steinwenden, from where — as I discovered 50 years later — my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, the Dunker Johann Michel Müller II, had emigrated to America in 1727 with his wife Susanna Berchtol, my GGGGG-grandmother, who was from nearby Krottelbach.

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I took a few pictures of Hohenecken in the early sixties, then came back to visit in 1975 and took a few more. And recently I added some other images found on the Internet. Hohenecken was rarely frequented by American GIs, who tended to prefer the bars and night life of urban Kaiserslautern. But a small group of us spent almost all our free time in Hohenecken because it was beautiful, friendly, quiet, and the primary Gasthaus (Gasthaus zum Rathaus) was so... gem├╝tlich. In those days we called it Opa's (Grandpa's), der Opa was the owner, die Oma did the cooking and it was some of the best food I would have, ever. When I returned in 1975, Opa had died so Oma was in charge. According to Google Maps in November 2020, Gasthaus zum Rathaus at Burgherrenstra├če 99 is permanantly closed and Hohenecken has grown considerably.

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