Kapaun Kaserne - 3rd ACR HQ, barracks, and mess hall 1964

Kapaun Kaserne
Photo: Roger Anderson
Kapaun Barracks Map Vogelweh area  map South end of Kapaun Kaserne, Vogelweh, near Kaisers­lautern, Germany. Foreground: Headquarters, 3rd Reconnaissance Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, as the sign above the door says. Behind it on the left, the Head­quarters Troop barracks where we lived. To its right, the one-story pink building is the mess hall. The other buildings are barracks for tankers (F-Troop, L-Troop, etc) and the 37th Transportation Batallion. The barred windows on the headquarters building were a leftover from when it was where the film from U2 spy planes was developed. Click insets to see maps.
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