C2006: Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology II
F2402: Contemporary Biology II

Spring 2003

About the course.
About C2006, 10:35-11:50 am,  417 IAB
About F2402,  5:40-6:55 pm,  301Pupin 
The textbooks.
Who we are. 
Dr. Mowshowitz: dbm2    office hours.
Dr. Gibber: jrg43    office hours.
TA's & recitation times
Lecture schedule.   Schedule Includes reading list and links to Dr. M's lecture notes and Dr. G's study guides.   List of handouts.
Study!  Advice on how to study; Interested in a study group?  Need a Tutor?
Announcements.  Announcements made in class and corrections.

Learn about research.  Earn extra credit at the SURF symposium.  Bagels 'n Bio. 

Bulletin board.  Email your questions to the profs, answers posted on CourseWorksHow to use CourseWorks.
Question of the week. Viewing slides
Exams. Info page includes exam dates, times, extra office hours before exams.  Exams & Keys Includes previous years' exams & answers to current exams.  
. C2006  F402  Regrade policy.     
Recitation . Recitation times. Your recitation assignment.
Problem setsWhich problems to do. 
Prob. Sets & Keys   Recit. Problem Answers 
Columbia University - Biology DepartmentUndergraduate Page has links to SURF, doing research, biology courses,  biology major, other activities, careers.