Lois Putnam's Courses

Psychology W2280 Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Psychology W3410 Seminar in Emotion

Psychology W3615 Children at Risk

Psychology W3910x Psychology Honors Seminar

Psychology G6200y Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology

Psychology W2280y
Introduction to Developmental Psychology

3 pts. --- L. Putnam --- Spring 2009
TR 1:10 - 2:25 in Room 614 Schermerhorn Hall

Prerequisite: Psychology W1001 or W1010. Enrollment may be limited. Attendance at the first two class periods is mandatory.
Introduction to the scientific study of human development, with an emphasis on psychobiological processes underlying perceptual, cognitive, and emotional development. [Click here for sample syllabus]

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Psychology W3410
Seminar in Emotion

4 pts. --- L. Putnam --- last offered in Fall 2006

Prerequisite: the instructor's permission. Theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of emotion. Focus is on current research into the physiological, expressive, and subjective emotional responses evoked by salient events.
[View application and sample syllabus.]

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Psychology W3615
Children At Risk

4 pts. --- L. Putnam and G. Downey

Prerequisites: Psychology 1010 or 2280 or 2620 or 2680, plus the instructor's permission. Considers contemporary risk factors in children's lives. The immediate and enduring biological and behavioral impact of risk factors.
[View 2003 syllabus]

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W3910x & W3910y
Honors Seminar

1 pt. -- Lois Putnam (Fall 2008) and Kevin Ochsner (Spring 2009)
W 4:10-6 in Room 200C Schermerhorn Hall

Year-long course. Only eligible for credit after both terms. Open only to students in the honors program. May be repeated for additional credit. Discussion of a variety of topics in psychology, with particular emphasis on recent developments and methodological problems. Students propose and discuss special research topics.
[View information on the honors program. Syllabus is on CourseWorks for members of the Honors Program]

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Psychology G6200y
Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology

2 -3 pts. -- L. Putnam -- Fall 2008
Tuesdays 2:40 - 4:30 in Room 200C Schermerhorn Hall

Open to graduate students in psychology. Practical and theoretical issues relating to the teaching of psychology and the psychology of teaching.
[View sample syllabus]

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