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Alternative Media?

Air America: gone and already forgotten

On Tariq Ali's support for John Kerry

American Flags

The death of the American newspaper

Michael Albert versus Karl Marx

Amber A’Lee Frost and Anna Khachiyan: the two dingbats who bonded with Spiked Online

Michael Ansara's special pleading for Hillary Clinton

Who is Bill Ayers?

Bard College

The cult of Leon Botstein

Old Bardians

How a Bard trustee and billionaire agribusinesman corrupts higher education

Walter Russell Mead: Bard's Thomas Friedman

The growing intimacy between Bard College and the American Military

In response to a Pentagon official (and Bard College graduate)

Bard College professors attack OWS

It takes a professor to get the Occupy Movement really, really wrong

Another Bard College professor proffers bad advice to OWS

Leon and me

Bard College's lumpen bourgeoisie

Erectile dysfunction and a Bard College honorary doctorate

Some animals are more equal than others

The House He Lived In: Conversations with Fred Baker

The Speech that Jack Barnes should have given

Biden's neoliberal transition team

Nelson Blackstock obit

A dossier on Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio and the left

Book party for Wald-LeBlanc book on American Trotskyism

Harry Braverman on early American history

Brownbagging at the Monthly Review


The Boston branch of the SWP shuts down

Paul Buhle's "Images of American Radicalism"

Bull Moose and bullshit

Pete Buttigieg and the $900 bottles of wine

Smedley Butler speaks to the Bonus Army

Peter Camejo (1939-2008)

Remembering Peter Camejo

The Camejo Vote

Camejo and Shawki

North Star: a tribute to Peter Camejo

Harold Camping and Jack Barnes

Cancelling a Nation subscription

Craig Carton and the American malaise

Chester's Zumbarg

Vivek Chibbers' Apolitical Marxism

Vivek Chibber and the turn to the working-classRobert Brenner, Vivek Chibber, and the 'organization question'

Return of the Chicago 7

Was the Civil War a mistake?

The "Cochranite" legacy

Cynthia Cochran memorial meeting

Cockburn and Hitchens feud

What Alexander Cockburn meant to me

Jeff Cohen's Kerry endorsement

The Communist Party versus Liza Featherstone

The lives of American Communists after Communism

The Communist Party's liberal turn

Conference on American Trotskyism

Cliff Conner's "People's History of Science"

Homage to Kevin Coogan

Is the 60s counterculture to blame for today's banksters?

Crisis at Pacifica

The devolution of Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn and the vicissitudes of old age

In defense of CounterPunch

How a Russian troll sucker-punched Counterpunch

Sustain CounterPunch and sustain yourself

Counterpunch 2015 find drive

The conspiracist left and the far right: strange bedfellows on COVID-19

Antibodies and anticapitalists

What Stanford University and Fox News have in common

Reflections on my COVID-19 immunity

COVID-19 and the "Just-in-Time" Supply Chain

The sports bar louts endangering our lives

My COVID-19 scare

25 reasons not to vote for Obama

Obama's hackers

Was the 2012 election really a referendum?

Left Strategy for the 2020 Elections: a critique

Obama's faux left turn

Reflections on Obamacare

The Rebranding of Barack Obama

Progressives for Obama, version 2.0

Obama and the battered voter syndrome

Obama's bromance with Robert Kagan

The decline of CUNY

The Great Cowboy Strike

Frank Marshall Davis's warning to Barack Obama

Michael Denning's "The Cultural Front"

Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman

The Eugene V. Debs comic book

De Blasio's Karl Marx double-think

Why are the Democrats so okay with losing? Jacobin's road map within the Democratic Party

Democratic Socialism: a Hot Commodity

Another Depression, another Occupation

Dime's Worth of Difference

Remembering Sol Dollinger

Genora Dollinger: Child of the Sit-Downs

Open Letter to G. William Domhoff

After the 2004 Elections

Dear Barbara Ehrenreich

El Salvador, MS-13, and the war on immigrants

Encounters with the FBI

Life and Death at the Epicenter

The Establishment Left shifts gears

American Eustonians

Bill Fletcher channels Gus Hall

Thomas Frank book review

Stan Goff, Bill Fletcher and the 2-party system

Stan Goff rejects Marxism: a reply

A government of national unity?

Richard Greener: a life in radio

Greens Under Pressure

Should the Green Party mollify the Democrats?

In Defense of the Green Party

Young Marxist intellectuals and the Democratic Party

Hard Crackers 1

Hard Crackers 2 Hard Crackers: the Revolutionary Legacy of Noel Ignatiev

The ISO and the Howie Hawkins campaign

Howard Dean and the Iowa Primary

Health care cuts

In reply to Henwood, Featherstone and Parenti

The Strange Career of Eugene Genovese

Inside the Grey Lady

Doug Henwood's Kerry endorsement

Alger Hiss accuser is Alger Hiss Professor

Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

Is H-Net going under?

Reign of terror in Houston

My days in Houston on assignment with the SWP

Remembering Noel Ignatiev

Accident at Indian Point

The Insanity Defense

Thoughts triggered by ex-ISO'ers seeing the light

Maurice Isserman versus the new SDS

How Jacobin got Henry Wallace wrong

A Jacobin/DSAer's Red Herrings

New Communists? A reply to Jacobin

Ben Norton throws a tantrum at Jacobin magazine

Russell Jacoby versus Eric Lott

Whatever happened to the American left? A reply to Michael Kazin

John Kerry and Langston Hughes


Who says the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson wasted their money?

Kuby and Sliwa

Dear Nicholas Kristof

The LA School Strike

Left Forum 2005

Left Forum 2006

Left Forum 2008

Left Forum 2009 (Saturday)

Left Forum 2009 (Sunday)

Left Forum 2010 (Saturday)

Left Forum 2010 (Sunday)

Left Forum 2011 -- part one

Left Forum 2011 -- part two

Left Forum 2011 -- part three

Left Forum 2012

Left Forum 2013

Left Forum 2014

Left Forum 2014 panel on Lenin and democracy

Left Forum 2014 panel on fracking

Left Forum 2014 panel on art and gentrification

Left Forum 2014 panel on post-Chavez Venezuela

Left Forum 2014 panel on registering class

Left Forum 2014 panel on Syriza

Left Forum 2015 panel on South Africa

Left Forum 2015 panel on North Star

Left Forum 2015 panels on Syria

Left Forum 2016: The Truth is Out There

Left Forum 2017

Left Forum 2018

Left Voice Impressions

Andrew Levine and the lesser evil

Rush Limbaugh's problems

Left in form, right in essence

The Rise of the Leninist Right?

The Winter of Liberal Discontent

Why did liberal Republicans go the way of the dodo?

Frank Lovell

Caroline Lund memorial meeting

Harry Magdoff Memorial Meeting

Me and the Maoists

What can the left learn from Vito Marcantonio?

Charles Manson and the 1960s

Samori Marksman

Reply to Eric Mann and Ted Glick on supporting Kerry

Letter to Ray Markey on stopping Bush

Sam Marcy

Countering a tribute to Cormac McCarthy

David McReynolds in the context of American radicalism

Thoughts on the 2006 midterm elections

The Singking Middle-Class

Michael Moore

Felix Morrow

Comments on Albert Goldman and Felix Morrow

Marx, Woodhull and Sorge

My 1968

A 1996 meeting for Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader 2000

In defense of Nader

Examining the motives of Nader and Camejo

Behind the anti-Nader attacks

The case for Camejo and Nader

John V. Walsh, Ralph Nader and the right-left alliance

Early Days of the Nation Magazine

Maoism and the Democratic Party

The Nation Magazine's Tainted Liberalism

Whither The Nation Magazine?

The Nation Magazine and the 2008 elections

The Myth of the New Deal

The New Deal, Leon Trotsky, and the bureaucratic state

Reflections on The New Republic shake-up

Preliminary notes on the New Deal

The New York Press: dogshit on the sidewalk

New York Review of Books

Newsweek: the death of a corpse

John Nichols's socialism and ours

Deconstructing Obama

Taking Obama's Measure

The comeback kid and bipartisan attacks on working people

What's wrong with a primary challenge to Obama?

Barack Obama, Neville Chamberlain and the mythology of appeasement

The Obama Cult

Obama: I am not a radical or a Bolshevik

Marxists for Obama: a bumpy road ahead

Obama wins over the 'decent left'

Polio, COVID-19, and socialism

Progressives for Obama: still intoxicated

President Obama, Governor Paterson and Ayn Rand

Is Obama a socialist?

Why Obama would likely lose to McCain

Obama disappoints

A panel discussion on Obama

The New Yorker cover cartoon of the Obamas

Fact-chcking the New Yorker

Obama, McCain and the VFW

Chuck Todd interviews Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Encounters with Occupy Wall Street

Alexander Cockburn throws a spitball at Occupy--and misses

The status of the Occupy movement

Disenchantment with Occupy Wall Street

Pacifica and the Internet

Harvey Pekar, Paul Buhle and a new graphic history of SDS

Harvey Pekar is dead

Harvey Pekar postscript

Nancy Pelosi and the horse-trading progressives

Comments on a Phelps-Luce-Brenner article on the Democrats

Donate to Philly Socialists Fund-drive

Platypus politics

Thoughts provoked by the Platypus

Politicians, consultants and the class struggle

The political economy of the sell-out

Popular Front politics

Radical America Komiks

Ratner, Bostein and Gehry: birds of a feather

Going toe-to-toe with Leon Bostein

Adolph Reed: master of Marxism-Clintonism

Adolph Reed Jr., Jacobin, and the George Floyd protests Was Adolph Reed Jr. really cancelled?

Julius Krein and Adolph Reed Jr.

Chris Maisano's class-reductionism apologetics

Misusing German history to scare up votes for Hillary Clinton

Red Diaper Baby

Reflections on Bert Cochran

Reply to LeBlanc on his comments on my review

Reply to a realo

Reply to Rick Perlstein on the Democrats

Rick Perlstein accused of plagiarism

Remembering Michael Ratner

Republican Democrats

Revolution in the Air

You Say You Want a Revolution

Review of Harvey Klehr's "Secret World of American Communism"

Review of Wald-LeBlanc book on American Trotskyism

Right-Left Convergence? Phooey

Corey Robin on the "new socialistss"


The Rosenbergs

A.M. Rosenthal

Suze Rutolo's "A Freewheelin' Time"

Bernie and the Sandernistas

The Twilight of the Political Revolution

The campaign suspension speech Sahders should have given

What does Bernie Sanders mean by political revolution, anyway?

Bernie Sanders and the New Deal

What Bernie Sees in the New Deal

Said Sayrafiezadeh behind the curve

Bernie Sanders funds scumbag Democrats

Bernie Sanders arrives at the Finland Station

Thoughts on a Bernie Sanders campaign

On Bernie Sanders's political revolution

The speech that Bernie Sanders should give but won't

Bernie Sanders pulls his punches

Richard Seymour justifies voting for Bernie Sanders Left-leaning critics of Sanders? Left of Attila the Hun that is

Bernie Sanders and the Rainbow Coalition

Junius Scales

When Junius Scales went into industry

Ruminations on Simon's Rock

Thoughts on the passing of Earl Shorris

Savage Mules

George Scialabba collected articles

Excluding Reds from SDS


Socialist Scholars Conference 2003

Smashmouth football

Against football

Bullying in the National Football Leaguel

The American SWP and anti-imperialist struggle

In response to Timothy Shenk

Slavery, capitalism and economic growth: a response to Timothy Shenk

Kwame Somburu, presente!

Socialism 2019: the Left at a Crossroads

Donald Trump's enablers at Stanford University

The Demonization of Jill Stein

Is Jill Stein anti-science?

Jill Stein, The South Front and the lesser evil

Donald Sterling: racist and sexist pig extraordinaire

The stoning of Oliver Stone

The redbaiting of Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick

A Socialist Party in Our Time?

Bhaskar Sunkara's vain hopes

Peter Dreier, Bhaskar Sunkara, and the Green Party

Bhaskar Sunkara's "The Socialist Manifesto"

Butting in to Bhaskar Sunkara's debate with a Trotskyist

Norman Thomas and the DSA

Sanders, Warren and the DSA

The New Republic climbs aboard the DSA bandwagon

A multiple choice test by the NY Times, answer correctly and you are DSA material

The DSA, Julia Salazar and the future of the left

Hunter Thompson

The speech that Rich Trumka should have given on Oct. 2nd

Salvage Magazine on the Trump fascist threat

Fascism, Trumpism and the left

How can Trump be a fascist when he is for making deals with Russia?

Donald Trump, Project 1619, Howard Zinn, and critical race theory

Donald Trump, fascism, and steel industry realities

Is Donald Trump our Vladimir Putin?

William Blum channels Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the American Vladimir Putin

Trump and Berlusconi

Tim Unwise

The University of Virginia fracas

Letter to a Washington Post editor

Two important books on last year's struggle in Wisconsin

Report on October 2nd "One Nation" Washington rally

Is there a connection between Leon Trotsky and Paul Wolfowitz?

Whigs and Democrats

Can socialism be advanced by running in the Democratic Primary primaries

Excuses made for voting Democrat (part 1)

Excuses made for voting Democrat (part 2)

Sean Wilentz, Ralph Nader and the early 1960s

Sean Wilentz, Whigs and Democrats

Max Sawicky, Marc Cooper and the late Tookie Williams

Gordon S. Wood on Sean Wilentz

Debunking Bob Woodward

The Wobblies

Reflections on the World Socialist Web Site

The Working Families Party in historical context

Michael Yates's "In and Out of the Working Class"

Jim Zarichny on the New Left

Howard Zinn's detractors