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OJ 1/11, p. 263 : 10-31-12

Diary entry by Schenker, dated October 31, 1912

31 October : Brief1 an Dr Kopfermann|2 wegen Bewilligung einer photographischen Aufnahme der Beethoven Autographe.

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© Transcription Nicholas Marston 2006.

Diary entry by Schenker, dated October 31, 1912

October 31 : Letter1 to Dr. Kopfermann2 concerning approval for making a photographic copy of the Beethoven autographs.

© Translation Nicholas Marston 2006.

Format: diary entry


1 Kopfermann’s reply, OC B/179, is dated October 31, so it likely that Schenker’s letter was dated October 30.

2 Click on Albert Kopfermann.

Letter to Kopfermann (Berlin Royal Library) re photography.

© Commentary, Footnotes, Summary Nicholas Marston, 2006

Marston, Nicholas
Kopfermann, Albert
Cambridge University Faculty of Music—Ian Bent
Kopfermann, Albert; Schenker, Heinrich; Beethoven; autographs; photography
Diary entry by Schenker, dated October 31, 1912
OJ 1/11, p. 263
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Schenker, Heinrich (1912-1935)--Schenker, Jeanette (1935-c.1942)--Ratz, Erwin (c.1942-c.1955)--Jonas, Oswald (c.1955-1978)--University of California, Riverside (1978--)
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