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OJ 1/9, p. 119[b] : 11-27-10

Diary entry by Schenker, dated November 27, 1910

27 /11. Frau Dr. Elsa Bienenfeld|1 (”N.W.Journal[“]2) citiert meine “chrom. fant.”; aber nach Journalistenart – wie korrumpiert3 doch dieser Beruf selbst ein Weib!— wieder ähnlich, wie Dr. Mohr|4: die Hauptsachen stellt sie mit “ist” vor5, so als wären sie ihr schon längst bekannt gewesen[;] nur eine Kleinigkeit dagegen citiert sie mit “sei,” als mir selbst neu zuhörend, u. ihr soeben erst bekannt gemacht

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© Transcription Ian D. Bent 2006.

Diary entry by Schenker, dated November 27, 1910

November 27. Dr. Elsa Bienenfeld1 (Neues Wiener Journal|2) quotes my Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue, but in a journalistic manner—How greatly does this profession corrupt3 even a woman!—again just like Dr. Mohr4: she presents the principal points with "is“ [indicative], thus as if they had been known to her since long ago; conversely only a point of detail does she quote with "is“ [subjunctive], as attributable newly to me, and having only just become known to her.

© Translation Ian D. Bent 2006.

Format: diary entry


1 Click on Elsa Bienenfeld.

2 Review of Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue by Elsa Bienenfeld in the Neues Wiener Journal, November 27, 1910, clipping preserved in S’s scrapbook, OC 2/p. 21.

3 “korrumpiert” originally placed after “Weib”, then marked for moving up.

4 Dr. Mohr: [identify].

5 “vor” originally placed after “bekannt”, then marked for moving up.

S deplores Elsa Bienenfeld's review of his Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue.

© Commentary, Footnotes, Summary Ian D. Bent 2006.

Bent, Ian
Schenker, Heinrich
S deplores Elsa Bienenfeld's review of Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue.
Cambridge University Faculty of Music-Ian Bent
Schenker, Heinrich; review; Bienenfeld, Elsa; profession; Neues Wiener Journal; Chromatische Phantasie & Fuge; Chromatic Fantasy & Fugue
Diary entry by Schenker, dated November 27, 1910
diary entry
academic; musicology; music theory
OJ 1/9, p. 119[b]
Schenker diary
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Schenker, Heinrich (1910-1935)--Schenker, Jeanette (1935-c.1942)--Ratz, Erwin (c.1942-c.1955)--Jonas, Oswald (c.1955-1978)--University of California, Riverside (1978--)
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