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OJ 5/18, 57 : 9-28-34

Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Jonas, dated September 28, 1934


[rubber stamp:]
WIEN, III., Keilgasse 8

[An:] H [/] Dr [/] Oswald Jonas
Berlin W30
Bambergerst. 25

[postmark:] || 3 WIEN 40 | 28.IX.34. 13 | * 4f * ||

[for message-continuation, see below]

28. 9. 34

Geehrter, lieber Herr Dr Jonas!

Habe an F.1 einen dringlichen Brief geschrieben, zweifle aber, ob er unter den Umständen von Heute wird helfen können.2 Im Dezember soll er zwar nach Wien kommen (philh. Konzert), das wäre aber schon zu spät, um daran Erwartungen zu knüpfen. Prof. Dr. Haas|3 meinte, es bestünde eine Rekursmöglichkeit sowohl in Wien, falls das Hindernis hier wäre, als in Berlin, falls es dort wäre. Wissen Sie {recto} etwas davon? Der l[iebe] Herr Wolf4 tut mir ordentlich leid, schade, daß er nicht über Sommer bei uns geblieben ist u. nicht von hier aus mit dem erlangten Doktorat über die blindwütige Verfolgung zu triumpfieren in die Lage kommen wird! Ihnen u. H. Wolf meine herzlichsten Grüße u. Wünsche

[ sign’d: ] H Schenker

© In the public domain
© Transcription John Rothgeb 2006.

Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Jonas, dated September 28, 1934


[rubber stamp:]
VIENNA III, Keilgasse 8

[To:] Dr. [/] Oswald Jonas
Berlin W30
Bambergerstrasse 25

[postmark:] || 3 WIEN 40 | 28.IX.34. 13 | * 4f * ||

[for message-continuation, see below]

September 28, 1934

Dear Dr. Jonas,

Have written Furtwängler1 an urgent letter, doubt however whether under the circumstances of the day he will be able to help.2 In December, it is true, he is supposed to come to Vienna (philharmonic concert), but that would already be too late to justify any expectations. Prof. Haas3 believes there would be an avenue of recourse both in Vienna, in case the impediment were here, and in Berlin, in case it were there. Do you know {recto} anything about it? I am really sorry about dear Mr. Wolf;4 it’s a shame that he didn’t stay with us over the summer, and will not from this vantage point get into position to triumph over the rabid persecution with the earned doctorate. My most cordial greetings and wishes to you and Mr. Wolf.

[ sign’d: ] H. Schenker

© Transcription John Rothgeb, 2996.

Format: printed postcard, stamped and holograph addresses, message-continuation, and signature recto, holograph message-beginning verso
Sender address: Vienna III, Keilgasse 8
Recipient address: Berlin W30, Bambergerstrasse 25


1 Wilhelm Furtwängler [create biogfile and link].

2 This concerns the plight of Hans Wolf, whose re-entry into Austria has been barred. See OC 44/43, September 24, 1934.

3 Robert Haas, Director of the Music Division of the Austrian National Library; also member of the curatorial board of the Photogrammarchiv from 1927, with Schenker and van Hoboken.

4 Click on Hans Wolf.

S has written to Furtwängler but doubts whether F will be able to help. Passes on advice from Robert Haas regarding Hans Wolf's situation.

© Commentary, Footnotes, Summary John Rothgeb 2006.

Rothgeb, John
Schenker, Heinrich
Cambridge University Faculty of Music–Ian Bent
Schenker, Heinrich; Jonas, Oswald; Furtwängler, Wilhelm; Haas, Robert; Wolf, Hans; Vienna Philharmonic; Berlin
Handwritten letter from Schenker to Jonas, dated September 28, 1934
OJ 5/18, 57
This document is deemed to be in the public domain as of January 1, 2006. Any claim to intellectual rights should be addressed to the Schenker Correspondence Project, Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge, at [email protected].
Oswald Jonas (1934-1978)—Special Collections, University of California, Riverside (1978-)
IPR: In the public domain; Image: Special Collections, University of California, Riverside; Transcription, Translation, Commentary, Footnotes, and Summary: John Rothgeb.


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