The first annual Global Colloquium of University Presidents met at Columbia††† University on January 18 and 19, 2005.Envisioned as a series of annual events growing into an international network of research universities, the inaugural meeting gathered more than 40 university leaders and professors.Five New York-area universities (Columbia University, Princeton University, Yale University, New York University and University of Pennsylvania) launched the Colloquium in response to the United Nations Secretary-Generalís request for greater involvement of the global academic community in exploring international public policy concerns.

The colloquium produced a report which summarizes the main conclusions of the participants. Included in the report are the Statement on Academic Freedom drawn up by the university presidents as well as the Statement on International Migration drawn up by the migration experts.

If an institution is interested in being added to the list of signatories of the Statement on Academic Freedom, a letter to that effect should be forwarded by the university president to Professor Michael Doyle at:

420 West 118th Street, Room 1314 IAB, New York, NY 10027


Global Colloquium of University Presidents