Former and Current Group Memebers

Current Memebers

  • Shun Xu

  • Arnab Auddy

  • Jialin Ouyang

Former Members

  • Tong Li (PhD, Columbia, 2021) “On the Construction of Minimax Optimal Nonparametric Tests with Kernel Embedding Methods”

  • Shulei Wang (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2018) “Statistical inferences on Fluorescence signal quantification in microscopy imaging”

  • Cuize Han (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2018) “Recovery of high order tensor and high dimensional function from adaptive sampling”

  • Dong Xia

  • Krishna Balasubramanian

  • Jun Fan

  • Han Chen (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2017; co-advised with Garvesh Raskutti) “Tensor-related methods in high dimensional statistics”

  • Luwan Zhang (PhD, University of Wisconsin, 2017) “Topics on Euclidean distance matrix and unsupervised ensemble learning”

  • Yi Xiao (PhD, Georgia Tech, 2015) “Some results in high-dimensional statistics”

  • Carlos Valencia (PhD, Georgia Tech, 2013) “Contributions to statistical learning and its applications to personalized medicine”

  • Soo-Hyun Kim (PhD, Georgia Tech, 2010) “The effects of high dimensional covariance matrix estimation on asset pricing and generalized least squares”

  • Lingyan Ruan (PhD, Georgia Tech, 2010) “Statistical analysis of high dimensional data”

  • Xinwei Deng (PhD, Georgia Tech, 2009; co-advised with Jeff Wu) “Contributions to statistical learning and statistical quantification in nanomaterials”