Oded Netzer

Agile decision making is imperative as you lead in a data-driven world. Uniquely bridging theory and practice, Decisions over Decimals unites data intelligence with human judgment to get to action – a sharp approach the authors refer to as Quantitative Intuition (QI). QI raises the power of thinking beyond big data without neglecting it and chasing the perfect decision while appreciating that such a thing can never really exist.

Successful decision-makers are fierce interrogators. They square critical thinking with open-mindedness by blending information, intuition, and experience. Balancing these elements is at the heart of Decisions Over Decimals. The book puts forward a set of pragmatic leadership tools to accelerate:

  • Effectively framing the problem for stakeholders
  • Putting the data in the context of the business
  • Synthesizing intelligence from incomplete information
  • Delivering decisions that stick

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