German for Reading Knowledge

Ricci + Donald 25 Years Together (1992-2017)
Grover Memories - to/from Mt Jewett (2017)
Una aventura italiana con Ricci e Donald (2018)
Thanksgiving in Acton 2018

RAK Projects Summer 2019

Riverside Park Conservancy

Enjoying Retirement

Womens Health Association Memorial / 116+Riverside

Clarinet Lessons:
Essential Elements / Perry Ritter
The French Revolution
Wikipedia.com / History.com / Simon Schama's Citizens

Italian Links
Prego! online // Prego! Activity Pack
Casa Giovanna

German Courses, Instruction Guides, Workshops
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Gay Berlin (2002)
Berlin-Berlin (1997-2005)
Reading and Culture (2005)

WWW German Links

Deutsches Haus Columbia

Department of Germanic Languages

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