Completed projects

Coding of Asian PTAs

Soo Yeon Kim and I coded the texts of 57 Asian PTAs (in force by 2006) on 19 indicators to code the quality of commitments in RTAs and develop a comprehensive index based on the coding scheme. The data (as an Excel file) and the coding scheme (as a Word document) are available here.

CBI: Updated data

Cristina Bodea and I have coded the texts of about 80 countries to update the widely-used Cukierman, Webb and Neyapti index of central bank independence. The data will be yearly for the years 1973 to 2008. The data we used for our International Organization is available here. We now have updated CBI data for 144 countries covering the years 1972 to 2015.

Interwar trade

Joanne Gowa and I are creating a database of bilateral trade for the years 1900 to 1949 based on data from national trade yearbooks. Obtaining data from national publications allows us to vastly expand the number of observations available for this period.

US RTAA data

Joanne and I are also creating a database of US commodity-level import data for the years 1934 to 1946.

Intellifence Failure in Iran

Data from the paper using State Department Cables to investigate the U.S. failure to anticipate the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The zipped file is available here.